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We're doing it together! In 2011-2012, EUMV saved Mountain View residents save:
  •  Almost $80,000 on their utility bills
  •  17,500 watts of phantom energy

How much more can we save with your help?

EUMV Energy-Saving Categories

Energy Upgrade Mountain View (EUMV) will analyze four categories of energy use to help you save:
  • Base Load—energy continuously consumed in your home, 24 hours a day, such as the energy used by a refrigerator or by electronic devices that stay plugged in.
  •  Variable Load—energy you choose to use in your home, such as turning on lights or watching TV.
  •  Heating and Cooling—seasonal energy used by your heating and cooling systems.
  •  Swimming Pools—energy consumed primarily by a pool pump, pool heater or spa.

The EUMV Navigator will break down your usage into each of these categories and show which are costing you the most. You will receive recommendations for lowering your energy use within all categories relevant to your home, and Acterra representatives will be available to assist you when needed.